(?): The question-bracket-mark means this is said with a blonde tone. It usually follows a comment regarding politics, geography, history or sometimes just big words as this is where I’m not really sure, i.e; Can’t believe transport prices have gone up again, knew we shouldn’t have elected Gordon Brown (?) 

AS IF!! Circa Cher from Clueless.

Bagel Head: A sheep, someone that follows the crowd – deriving from the ridic trend of ‘bagel heads’ on Tokyo.

Blouse: A feminine top.

Courtesy Pie: The polite way to be rude to someone. Often disguised with a fake smile. See also, “pied”.

[the] D: Dick.   Eg. She don’t him, she just wants the D.

Debbie: Desperate

Devo’d: Completely Devastated.

Drip: A dull or boring person.

Fashgasm (Fash-gas-m): An orgasm over fashion, ie; Did you see the Victoria Secret Fashion Show? It was total fashgasm.

Feroshe (Fer-oshe): BEYOND fierce.

Foil: A blag; I got us into VIP, it was such a foil.

Gilanguage: The slang of Anthony Gilet, ie; this dictionary.

Jel/Jeal: Jealous

LATER! Also said as “Bitch, Please”

Licked/Licked Up: Happy, over-the-top drunk

L Plate: A loser

Manizer: The gay (and male) version of a womanizer.

On One: On a mission. No stopping someone; she wouldn’t stop shouting – she was ‘on one’.

Pash-Rash: Passionately rashing on one another, a grossly explicit form of PDA.

Pied: To get made a laughing stock of. To metaphorically throw a pie in ones face, ie; Can’t believe I text him and he just totally pied me (didn’t text back).

Ratchet/Ratchett: A dreggy person. Lowest of the low, rankest of the rank, skankiest of the skanks.

Regurgitated Fail Shame: When somebody does something that is highly embarassing, i.e. falling over or sleeping with someone butters, they experience ‘fail shame’. When a bitch then brings this up at a later date, the original person feels the pain of their ‘fail shame’ all over again. Enter = Regurgitated fail shame’.

Salontro: Similar to a strut, walking like you don’t give a shit. Used more appropriately in crowded places when a ‘zig-zag’ technique is adapted. ‘Salonto’ can also apply to a type of lounging, i.e. “I was salontro’d on the chez lounge”

Scarlet: Mortified/Embarrassed.

Socialicon (So-shal-icon): Socialite + ICON = Socialicon

String: String Vest, Pest. Someone that just won’t let go. Also known as a Debbie. (Desperate).

Thirsty: Desperate


Wocked Out (Wok-d): Pounded like a loose woman