5. Brooke & Lucas – One Tree Hill
No matter how in love Lucas and Peyton were or how better suited to each other, I was always rooting for Brucas. Sophia Bush may not be winning any awards for her acting, but if there’s one thing that girl can do – it is cry on demand! Damn those tears look so realistic they always set me off too – especially if I’m on a comedown. When Lucas kissed Peyton we thought they might be able to overcome it, but when Brooke announced that “I need you to need me back”, we realised things ran deeper than his feelings for her best friend.

Picture 3

4. Tom & Lynette – Desperate Housewives
Our favourite couple from start to end, Tom and Lynette had the dynamics of dramatic teenagers in love. Constantly at each others, they showed true love by supporting one another even when they didn’t necessarily agree (remember that tragic pizza parlour). Tom sticking by Lynette through her cancer was absolutely touching. When they split, we couldn’t actually believe what we were hearing. Lynette telling him that she was “relieved” that she thought he had left her was the final nail in the coffin. Then he found Jayne. And Lynette wrecked it all. That’s our girl!


3. Carrie & Berger – Sex and the City
Although Berger wasn’t ‘The One’, the way in which he ended his relationship with Carrie shocked women and gay men across the globe. But, if one good thing came out of Carrie getting broken up with on a post-it, it was the hilarious episode that followed. “Men are bullshit” as she smokes a doobie was one of the iconic Carrie B quotes!


2. Buffy & Angel – Buffy The Vampire Slayer
She was a slayer, he was a vampire – alas it was never meant to be. But that didn’t stop us rooting for them from the start. The most heart wrenching break up was when Angel regained his soul, but it was all too late, and Buffy had to stab him in order to save the world. *Weep* But what was even more heartbreaking was when Buffy crossed over into Angel and the oracles made him human, but for the greater good, he had to ask them to change him back. The last 24 hours of their lives and Buffy’s memory were wiped, and just before time ran out she cried in his arms, “I’ll never forget… I’ll never forget”. Where da fuck my Kleenex?


1. Ross & Rachel – Friends
They were on and off for 10 years, but the couples “We were on a break” has to be TVs most popular split. And the world was divided as to who was right. Technically Ross didn’t cheat, but that doesn’t mean that was he did wasn’t a little insensitive, if not, wrong. And every time they got back together, I clapped. C’mon you know you did too!