What separates the MisFits monster ball from other London parties? Well, aside from the fact that everybody really gets into the spirit of things, you never quite know what you’re going to find. That’s to say, there ain’t no cliche costumes up in here – why? Because they’re MisFits, duh. So if you’re looking for something a bit different, check out these outfits from past years. You can even throw a whole load of shit together left over from other years, and with the right execution, still look fierce. The thing about Misfits is that you don’t have to spend hours on a look that’s gonna get mash up when you do. So before you throw out that tired old weave, believe it’s got one more 31st October wear in it.

1. Tranny Zombie Nurse


Halloween is the one night when you inner tranny can surface, but as it’s Halloween – you still have to be a gorey-ass bitch. This is one way to mathematically ensure that you win at Halloween. Put together three things that bring three different elements to your outfit. Trannies are fierce. Zombies are scary. Nurses are sexy. Put all that together and you’ve got a better shot at nailing everything you wanna be this holiday.

2. Angel of Death


This one will undoubtedly go down well with Victoria Secret-enthusiasts (hint: all gay men). Sure it’s not particularly gruesome – but nobody else was sashaying round Soho with a giant pair of black wings pon their back. Let’s put this is layman’s terms, this is the outfit for guys that have a body they want to show off.

3. Tranny Kruger


… with horns. And a harness. We don’t know where this amalgamation came from, but you know ain’t nobody ANYWHERE gonna turn up in the same shit. That’s originality! We don’t know what that thing is next to her, but it’s fucking freaky too. Looks like Christeene after a heavy night.

4. Mummy Couture


There’s nothing in the Halloween rules book that says we all have to buy our ill-fitting outfits from those ‘one size fits all’ naff online retailers. If you wear it on your body, it’s still fashion. No matter what night of the year. Check out this bouji bitch serving skinny undead realness.

5. The Walking Dead (and Wednesday Adams)


Now that’s what you call good make-up. And when it comes down it, if you can nail the make-up you can get away with spending little to no money on a costume. Because the overall wow/shock factor comes down to your SFX skills. Wednesday Adams is a much simpler options, but if you’ve got that eerie stare to pull it off…

6.  Dug-Up Soccer Player


Yeah, so the soccer player is a bit of a cliche – but we’ve all opted for that one year, right? So if it gets too late notice, and the only thing you’ve got to wear is that reliable varsity top – at least put the extra effort in with a mask/make-up of some sort. This ones face looks like my aunty’s cat after it got hit by that UPS driver.

7. Cracked Out Demon


You can pick up a pair of horns from any fancy dress shop, but use liquid latex, paints and fake blood to make them look better than those birds who wear ’em out on Hen Dos sponsored by Anne Summers. Check those cheek bones. Those dark circles. That’s heroin chic if ever we’ve seen it. You wanna look like Micha Barton circa 2009.

8. Ronald McMurder


We love this twist on the ‘creepy clown’. Ronald McDonald is character that children associate with happiness and obesity. But this one is svelte and fucking scary. Which just goes to show, Halloween isn’t always about gore – very frequently the scariest costumes are the ones that cause you discomfort to look at. And Ronald looks like he paused mid-massacre to have this pic taken.

9. Ravaged Geisha Geek


If you’re stuck between two ideas, sometimes the best thing you can do is to combine them. This chica came as the lovechild of Lucy Lui in Kill Bill and a Herojuku gyal. And from the dishevelled attire, we bet she’s still getting it behind the bike sheds. I wanna know her story! I feel like she started out as a straight A student, wore her skirt a little too short one day, got gang-banged by the football team – loved every minute of it, obvs – and never looked back since. Now the sassy sket is tryna lead Dionne Bromfield astray. Mhmm.

10. A Buff Torso

If all else fails and you’re totally outfit-less, you know this’ll work. Because nothing scares gay men like what carbs will do to their body.


This year’s Monster Ball will be held at East Bloc, 217 City Road, Shoreditch, EC1V 1JN. Wednesday 29th October.

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