One of the few marvels of giving us a follow on Twatter

One of the few comedy marvels of giving us a follow on Twatter

Can’t wait until the next blog post? Want every ratchet detail? Well, starting today Cocktails and Cocktalk will be going live on Twitter. That means that you’ll not only be kept up-to-date on the latest blogs, but you’ll be getting the disastrous details as they happen; directly from the clubs, chill-outs, walk of shames and the guy’s beds. It also means that tweets are totally uncensored, so if you bitches offend easily… well, then you’ve come to the wrong place. Here’s some tweets just to give you a flavour of what you can expect:

Oh honey no…
“@cocktalkblog: Coming back to your mates place after a Grindr meet and having to climb through the window because he’s fallen asleep naked with his Grindr Mess #ClamberingHotMess”

Controversial, but topical:
“@cocktalkblog: When I leave a party you know that shit gon’ keel over quicker than Maggie T”


Good weekends come with lessons:
“@cocktalkblog: Giving so much head that you inflict yourself with a dusty windpipe. #SoundingLikeJoanRivers”

Good things come to those who wait:
“@cocktalkblog: Being the fresh piece of meat at a Bouji house party #Winning”

Experiences that prove wrong a steretype:
“@cocktalkblog: Tweeting while shoving a lads face in the pillow – who says men can’t multitask?”

The effects of social networking:
“@cocktalkblog: Putting cute animals through the cruel abuse of photos because they look fly on Instagram.”

Political correctness:
“@cocktalkblog: Being a white boy and wishing you could use the phrase nigga because it sounds funnier. But you really can’t pull that shit.”

So fucking what?
“@cocktalkblog: Dropping in swear words for double effect. ”

Secret sex fantasies:
“@cocktalkblog: Considering renting out a box at theatre just so you can fuck in it. Now that would make me wanna go.”

Relatable scenarios:
“@cocktalkblog: Getting the disco sweats on the morning train. Definitely the worse thing ever.”


“#CocktalkConfessional wanking off your dates flatmate while he’s downstairs having breakfast.”

Tweet me your #Confessionals and I’ll be sure to give a RT. Because getting that shit off your chest is not only therapeutic – it also takes bigger balls than Rosie O’Donnell.

Finally, thank you to everyone who is sharing the posts. On days when I’m seriously lacking the will (or on some hectic comedown), you give me motivation Kelly Rowland style. Later – as if I’m giving some emotional-Oscar-speech-realness over my little blog.



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