Who? I know, right… But wow, nonetheless! Apparently he’s an Australian rugby player, or was. After retiring from rolling around with mud with dozens of other built ruggers (I know, why would you ever retire) – it seems he’s retreated to his second favourite past time – modelling. And if that means even less clothes than tight rugby shorts, I am not complaining. With the face of a chiseled/rugged angel, the toned body of an adonis (and the package of a porn star – and we’re not talking those shit amateur ones), we’re expecting Youngquest to have a huge gay following come 2013. So fingers crossed for a calendar next year! *Deletes Channing Tatum Wallpaper.

He once appeared on the cover of Attitude (oh, now we remember him!) with even less clothes. Let me tell you something about Nick Youngquest, he loves to get his kit off. And what’s the one thing better than a smoking’ hot guy?
A smokin’ hot guy with no clothes.

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