Normally, I’d post a playlist of the songs getting us hot under the collar, this week we’re on a House Flex! (Although, don’t get me wrong – you can totally have sex to these songs too). As winter is well and truly settling in, these songs take us back to when the sun was scorching, and the men wore less clothes. The five songs that are on the top of our House playlist this week…

This ones a podcast, rather than one song, but boy it’s good. London DJ Mikey D is back (finally), and he’s come back hard! Seems his dry spell (in music, of course) is OVER and his new mix ‘All Night Long’, not only has more than one connotation, but is one of the best mixes we’ve heard in a while. Expect this at a chill out near you (although not if it’s in West London, because everybody knows they listen to Classical at their chill outs).

Another London DJ Steve Pitron reignited our love for ol’ Roisin back before Ibiza, and it’s been on the iPod ever since! Although, I’m gon’ level with ya’ll I had know idea who she was until people attached her name to music. It’s one of those songs that you can either dance to, or just get it on to. Or both. And no lie, she’s speaks the truth “when I think that I’m over you, I’m overpowered…” that shit is deeper than Jerry Springer’s ‘thought of the day’.

This song is actually sexual. If it doesn’t turn you on, you’re dead inside (or from the waist down). Mainly because I thought it said “Something special, sexy, wanna fuck”, but still ‘wonderful’ works too. It’s quite old, but I hadn’t heard this song until before a month ago. *Gasp. But believe me, now I’ve heard it, it’s making a FUCK OFF comeback. DJs will be dropping this everywhere.

When I first heard this jam, I was in SupermartxĂ© Ibiza, and was immediately uplifted, and it was a nice destruction from the ratchet prostitute masturbating on stage. I love vocal house, so to have fallen in love with a track that hasn’t got any words, says a lot.

Pure euphoric bliss. This was pumping out at every pool party throughout the summer, so we’re putting on our dancing shorts and reliving it.