So here at C&C I like to keep things topical, and over the weekend we saw Donald (or whatever) from McFly take the I’m a Celebrity crown. So to celebrate that (the program is finally finished), I thought I’d OVER-expose the shows much hotter runner up: Mark Wright.

Frolocking: In the jungle, posing for Cosmopolitan mag & THAT leaked pic!!

Say what you want about Mark, but that is one FINE waste of space. He may churn out bullshit like Beyonce churns out singles buy I think we all know what your Wright hand was doing when these pics came out!

And to celebrate Dougie(?)’s win, his band mate got his kit off too… 

Does he ACTUALLY have his dick in a cup? So unhygenic.

Those McFly boys will literally get it out at ANY chance they get (Hello, you’re not Sofia Vergara and this isn’t an awards ceremony). And I’m sure while Darren(?) appreicated Danny trying to steal his I’m a celebrity thunder, there really was no need for you to put your dick in a cup.
It’s the thought that counts though, right?